A vending machine brings the smells of summer

A vending machine stocked with bottles of summer scented air was assembled at Slough train station to help evoke holiday memories among commuters.
A hundred bottles were filled with distinctive holiday fragrances, including freshly cut grass, BBQ, sun cream and sea air, which were revealed as the nation’s favourites.
Situated in the station’s ticket office, the novelty vending machine invited commuters to enjoy a free pick-me-up on their way to work.
OnePoll carried out a survey in July 2015 and found that 69 percent of 2,000 people consider the smell of freshly cut grass to be the most evocative summertime fragrance.
While 40 percent said they prefer the smell of a good BBQ, 39 percent enjoy the distinctive fragrance of sun cream and 38 percent find sea air to be the perfect summertime cure.
The survey also found that on average Britons start to feel the holiday-blues a mere 16 days after returning to the UK.
And the vast majority (82 percent) said that holiday memories offer the perfect pick-me-up for when they are feeling down.
Michael Callaghan, of Holiday Autos, the company who commissioned the survey, said: ‘We want to inject as much fun, freedom and frivolity into holidays as possible by giving people back that holiday feeling and something to smile about – we think the Smells of Summer vending machine really does just that.
‘What’s more, it’s gone down a storm among the hundreds of commuters in Slough meaning it’s likely that we will want to take our newest invention on the road and bring some summer sunshine to commuters around the country.’
Vending machine designer Solomon Rogers said: ‘Although it’s the height of summer we know that there are quite literally hundreds of Brits already feeling the holiday blues as they leave behind the sun, sea and sand and get back to the daily grind and head back to work.
‘By finding a way to bottle the real smells of summer, from freshly cut grass through to BBQ and sun cream, we’ve found a unique way to transport people back to that happy summer holiday memory – making them feel good for the rest of the day.’
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Source: Daily Mail