A McDonald’s Breakfast at Sea

The Philippines is an island of over 7,100 islands.  It’s not surprising then that a lot of Filipinos earn a living by fishing.  Fishermen head out to sea as early as 2AM and spend hours on their boats waiting for their catch, sometimes foregoing the day’s most important meal — breakfast.
One early morning in March this year, McDonald’s Philippines set out to delight fishermen in the middle of the sea. A specially designed McDonald’s boat braved the darkness and the waters as it went to them with free breakfast of warm McMuffins and hot coffee.  The unique act was captured on film and posted online where it elicited thousands of positive reactions and shares. To date, the film has a accumulated almost 4 million views on McDonald’s Philippines’ social pages.
The activation was part of the 4th National Breakfast Day celebration in the country where McDonald’s gave away over 400,000 McMuffins in its stores.  And for people, like the fishermen in the film, who couldn’t go to the stores because of their early morning work, McDonald’s gave away another 40,000 McMuffin breakfast sandwiches during the month.  Early risers like farmers, school teachers, security guards and street sweepers all over the Philippines enjoyed the treat.
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]RKtlwlG5jTU[/youtube]
Via: Creative Pool