A clever billboard that helps you parallel park

How easy would it be to parallel park if you always had a friend to help you—even when you were driving alone?

Well help is at hand…a Fiat billboard in Germany uses a digital screen with special software and sensors to measure how far a driver’s rear bumper is from the car behind it, and then projects a synchronised image of a human helping to guide a driver to park—just like a passenger might get out and do.

[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]PDwHYILZyd0[/youtube]

It’s a simple, clever concept, to promote Fiat’s Parking Assist technology, an alarm system that warns drivers in reverse of objects behind them. The billboard even offers a range of different playful avatars for the computerised assistant—a biker, a child, a wise old-man. And the brand’s marketing team couldn’t resist designing one of them—a woman in a skimpy bunny outfit—to appeal to the leering set.

Source: Adweek