JCDecaux Airport UK Launch Heathrow’s ‘Motion Showcase’

7th September 2016: JCDecaux Airport UK today introduced their newest digital advertising opportunity, the ‘Motion Showcase’. A set of premium sites in a premium location; Terminal 5 Arrivals, Heathrow’s busiest airport terminal.
 The ‘Motion Showcase’ consists of two stunning full motion digital screens that dominate the route from Immigration to Baggage Reclaim, reaching 100% of the Terminal’s arriving audience. At 3mm pitch, these are the highest quality screens across Heathrow’s digital inventory; an exclusive opportunity that can provide engaging communication and huge creative scope for a brand.
Post Brexit, the pound’s dramatic fall in value has resulted in London becoming a key destination for travellers, with flights to the UK up 7.1% in the four weeks after the vote. As a result, Heathrow passenger figures for July have shown a significant increase year-on-year, highlighting that this is the perfect time for advertisers to consider showcasing their brands within this unique environment.
The Arrivals areas at Heathrow offer brands an opportunity to deliver that initial, stand-out message to the world’s elite as they arrive in the UK.  Arrivals provides a unique opportunity for advertisers; passengers are in an alert and receptive mindset on arriving into the country, leading to high levels of advertising awareness.
Janice Herrington, Client Sales Director, JCDecaux Airport said: “It’s fantastic to have a luxury brand as the launch advertiser on these stunning new digital platforms at T5. These sites clearly demonstrate how the airport is at the cutting edge of digital OOH innovation, with Motion Showcase’s quality and clarity exceeding that of any digital opportunities at Heathrow to date.
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