Coca- Cola: ‘What’s in a Name?’ Times Square

Posterscope looked to get a new generation of tech savvy and Twitter-addicted consumers, particularly among Gen Z’s (11-19). We wanted to encourage social participation while supporting the initiative of Coca-Cola, to develop a web experience that celebrates stories behind each of our names.

By having consumers Tweeting #CokeMyName in Times Square, consumers were able to view a personalized story of their name broadcasted by Clear Channel digital OOH screens, followed by a picture advertising the story on a nearby opposite building for 15 seconds.

Posterscope generated over 350 million social impressions and 42,000 posts using #CokeMyName hashtag. Tweets were mentioned across the USA as well as 110 other countries. 

Mastercard - ‘Table on a Billboard’ in Support of Stand Up 2 Cancer

Posterscope looked to get Mastercard members to enjoy a unique and “priceless” experience while supporting MasterCard’s partnership with Stand Up 2 Cancer. We were able to provide the opportunity to dine on a Times Square spectacular with meals created by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson.  Out of home media surrounding the display was used to drive social media.

Additional impressions were garnered through print, TV, and online news coverage as well as through word of mouth via social media shares. After the first week of meals, the remaining seats at the table sold out within minutes of becoming available. Ultimately, MasterCard raised $4MM for Stand Up to Cancer.

Home Depot - Glidden Pro Paint Wrapped Food Trucks + Mobile

Posterscope looked to get Hispanic Commercial Painters and Contractors in LA, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Dallas, Sacramento, Phoenix, New York, Chicago, Denver, Orlando to visit The Home Depot and convert to Glidden Pro Paints.

We targeted construction and industrial sites with branded lunch trucks in core markets. Mobile media also reinforced the campaign using a smart fence radius of 1-5 miles around each site to provide further branding and call to action options (e.g. call / get directions, or visit the website”).

A total of 17.25m impressions were delivered over the campaign with Miami, Dallas and NY amongst the highest ranking markets. The average mobile Secondary Action Rate (SAR) was 6.06%, a 51% lift over industry average.

Project Everyone

Posterscope partnered with the Project Everyone campaign, with an attempt to raise awareness of the 7 Global Goals by posting to social media. The campaign looked to reach 7 billion people in 7 days and put an end to Poverty and Climate Change.

The campaign engaged with 125 partners to date, resulting in ads that will be seen in 450 cities across 28 different countries and delivering World’s largest ever Digital OOH advertising campaign.

Results: Of the 1,520 screens, 93,035,025 social impressions were made, with an estimated value of $1.3M for the campaign. 


Microsoft Launches Windows 10 Pod

Empowering Media Team, backed by OOH specialist Posterscope launched the campaign for Microsoft’s pod for Windows 10.

The pod in Times Square showcased the interactive abilities as well as the personal computing aspect in Microsoft’s newest innovation of Windows 10. It first walks you through its capabilities and then says, “Now it’s your turn“: Surf the Web, Draw and Share the Web.

Results:  There were 1,715 interactive sessions that averaged to 49 seconds per session, and 640 drawings were completed over the course of six days, with one single unit. 

Red Bull Music Academy

We utilized key targeted OOH locations and formats in hip, relevant neighborhoods including Williamsburg, Bushwick, Lower East Side and Union Square.

To ensure the messaging looked organic and not forced we chose media placements that allowed the creative to fully capture the local urban feel within each neighborhood. Hand painted wallscapes blended in seamlessly with the murals in the surrounding neighborhoods while station dominations offered the full line-up of events to residents and visitors in Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan. 

For the official launch we utilized the largest and most impactful format that served as the backdrop for a buzz worthy pop-up event.

The campaign generated 67.6MM OOH impressions with a 42.7% reach and a 10.8 frequency. Additionally, all but two of the 35 shows were sold out, with over 19,900 tickets sold over the 4-week period. 


Chevrolet Presents Chevy Trax

Posterscope looked to get Millenials who are in the market to buy a City-Smart SUV to recognize that Chevy vehicles are now equipped with an experiential program that contains urban-centric features and technologies to discover their city’s #HiddenGems.

We placed interactive storefronts with a 165-inch video touchscreen display wall at three different cities: Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, and finding out interesting facts they might not have known about: where locals go to eat great food, what art exhibits you should see, etc.

Results: Garnered over 3 million market impressions, with about 2,000 consumer engagements per week, with estimates to about 300 per day. 

NIVEA Kiss of a Lifetime

NIVEA wanted to utilize digital media to drive brand awareness and connection in the month leading up to its New Years Eve Times Square takeover. To do this, Posterscope developed a multi-layered concept that drove earned media, brand engagement and encouraged an emotional connection.

Posterscope created NIVEA’s first-ever, fully connected, ongoing engagement zone, the NIVEA “Kissing Booth”, in Times Square for 4 weeks up until NYE. The activity included 3 spectacular screens that were synced to display the NIVEA messaging, all with a live feed.

Consumers who visited the “Kissing Booth,” located in the flagship Aeropostale store were greeted by NIVEA brand ambassadors who snapped their photo in front of an extraordinary TS backdrop, gave them NIVEA samples and the iconic blue hat. The photos were uploaded directly to NIVEA’s Facebook page and displayed on all 3 digital spectaculars, where consumers could have their moment of “fame”. Those outside Times Square could upload their photos to the Facebook page, with a direct feed to the digital spectaculars. On NYE, a specialized “fame” app displayed on the signs.

NIVEA directly reached more than 5,000 people and indirectly almost 500,000 via Facebook, not including those in Times Square over the lead up to NYE or the millions who saw it on NBC. 5,100 people visited the “Kissing Booth”, while 1,700 photos were uploaded directly to the Facebook page from consumers outside Times Square, 4,690 photos appeared on the spectaculars. The Facebook page amassed 485,000 impressions during the campaign and the direct upload of the “Kissing Booth” images credited for the large accumulation. 

"My Burberry"

Posterscope wanted to get Tech savvy, on-the-go consumers, who want their daily experiences to be personalized, to interact with the brand during the launch of a new fragrance called “My Burberry.”

We created a custom experience in the heart of NYC’s Meatpacking District through the combination of mobile media and a large wrapped storefront with digital video screen. Consumers were able to enter their initials at from their mobiles. Then, when the ad played on the screen before them, their initials appeared on the featured perfume bottle. Simultaneously, mobile messaging directed them to the nearest Burberry or Macy’s store to get their own bottle engraved.

Results:  By the end of December, My Burberry achieved their goal of being within the top 10 fragrances for the 2014 holiday season.