How do I know an Out-of-Home campaign is actually working?

We know it is important to demonstrate success.

So, once the campaign is up on the streets we do not stop there. We have a global standard to drive accountability in the industry.

We are motivated to continually audit our campaigns performance.

We ensure that we are delivering the most efficient and effective Out-of-Home solutions possible that deliver the communication objectives, whether it be analysis of a campaign’s delivery against previous performance and live market data or full research projects, which may include qualitative or quantitative consumer research or working with an advertiser’s econometrics team.  

And Out-of-Home will become even more accountable.

The digital revolution not only increases the communication opportunities available to advertisers but for OOH brings real improvements in evaluating the mediums effectiveness as the ability to measure when consumers were exposed to advertising and relate that to actions taken will become greater.  The medium’s flexibility can also allow advertisers to gain greater insight into how OOH can drive sales with analysis by daypart or by creative execution.