Best people

Our people are our greatest asset.

People are what makes a company.  Our people are confident, curious, self-starting, responsible and accountable.

We are recognized industry leaders in people development.

We have a dedicated resource for people development and ensure that best practice skills and behaviors are integrated across the network.

We have held UK standards for both Investors in People since 1999 and CPD since 2000, and we also have a talent framework that allows us to understand what behaviors lead to successful performance, enabling us to develop the best of the best.


Putting consumers at the heart

We know how people behave when Out-of-Home.

We always put consumer insight at the heart of our planning to ensure that we deliver the most relevant Out-of-Home communications for our customers.

OCS drives our thinking.

Exclusive to Posterscope, our global Out-of-Home Consumer Survey (OCS) is a sophisticated planning tool based on a survey of over 100,000 adults offering insight into consumers, their lifestyles and attitudes and their relationships with media and advertising. So when a customer approaches us with a brief, we know who their consumers are, their moods and mindsets, their media consumption and the best time and place to connect with them.

How to make creative work Out-of-Home

The way in which consumers see Out-of-Home advertising is unique.

They are not sat directly watching it, reading it, listening to it or surfing on it. They are in fact seeing Out-of-Home advertising in their peripheral vision when they are on a journey somewhere or in an environment. Therefore the way in which Out-of-Home creative is approached should be unique. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Your customer will see your creative from an average of 10 metres away so consider how legible the copy will be.
  2. Your customer only has an average of 10 seconds to see your creative so generally 7 words is enough.
  3. Where you place your creative can give context and add prominence so think about where it will be seen.
  4. The greater the contrast in colours on your creative the more likely it is to stand out.
  5. Customers engage with celebrities, they like to be intrigued and entertained.
  6. Having your product displayed on the creative will improve store recall.
  7. Having more than one variation of creative will enhance brand recall, awareness & purchase consideration.

Integrated business framework

We have a first-class planning framework.

The L.I.F.E framework ensures we seek a detailed understanding of our customers, their business and their brands, immersing ourselves in their world .

L.I.F.E enables us to challenge the brief, set KPI’s, perform thorough target audience analysis, stimulate creativity and maximize client investment through intelligent market management enabling us to deliver an informed client focused response which drives the business forward

Exported and adopted throughout our entire network, L.I.F.E is embedded in everything we do.

Buying excellence

Our clients get the best price in the market.

Our market knowledge, our scale and our relevant tools and understanding ensure that our clients get the best value for their OOH budgets.  We have a wealth of data that allow us to capitalize on market dynamics, ensuring we enter the market at the optimum time and pay the right price. We work with our clients and the media owners, investigating new and ground-breaking buying routes and are first to market for any new media opportunities.

60% of our UK business is continuously independently audited so we know we buy well.

Investing in the best systems & tools

Our Prism tools ensure we are always one step ahead of the market.

We have a wealth of data, intelligence, experience and technological expertise that are essential ingredients and continually evolve to meet the changing dynamics in our market.

Our suite of tools not only gives our planners and buyers the technological edge but also allows us to demonstrate the highest level of precision and accountability in our medium.

Innovation & Technology

Innovation drives our work.

We drive thinking, initiate change and are committed to delivering the right OOH solution.  When we launched Hyperspace –  the world’s first agency division dedicated to digital Out-of-Home and innovation – in 2002, we initiated a step-change in the integration of cutting edge technology, specialist production, digital media and bespoke channels, into OOH campaigns.

We make the smart stuff accountable.

From the idea creation through to project management, Hyperspace translates our planning, buying and accountability principles of traditional Out-of-Home media into workable solutions for new and digital Out-of-Home formats.


Leaders in airport buying

It’s a small world after all.

5,000,000,000 passengers – that's the size of the global airport audience, annually. PSI, our airport resource, connects advertisers and brands to this international audience which is growing in both size and mobility.

With offices in London, Singapore, Shanghai and Mumbai, PSI delivers campaigns within the airport environment globally.  Their work can be seen at more than 6,200 site locations, in more than 130 airports, across more than 70 countries, on all media formats.

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